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Chesterfield Queen Anne Vintage Armchair

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Product Description

Queen Anne Vintage Chesterfield Ox Blood Armchair

Size: 84cm-W; 70cm-D; 96cm-H; Seat Height: 45cm

Smooth, quality, genuine leather

Ox Blood intense 2 colour tone

Extra deep pushed-in buttons to the back rest

Privacy wings

Rounded armrests

Vintage golden studding to the edges of the leather

Thick high density foam cushion

Beautiful unique crafted design to the edges of wings

High back provides excellent support and cosy rest

Queen Anne feet to the front

Angled feet to the back

Unique and luxury chair with slightly more compact width than standard – ideal for bedrooms or space saving rooms

Very good condition and well looked after

Underneath cushion there is noticeable colour discoloration to the chair fabric


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